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Our next  monthly event will be on 8th of February!


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Wine Trip 2003

Wine tour to Villany

In October 2003, a group of Vikings made an expedition to the Villany Wine district. We had a wine tasting session at one of Hungary’s most famous winemaker’s, TIFFÁN family - EDE & ZSOLT!

After a long and exciting travel we finally could sit down and relax in their vinery with good wine and good food. And Zsolt Tiffán gave us an interesting look into the world of wine and wine making.

After a good night of sleep in Hotel Cabernet, Villánykövesd, we entered the bus for a day of sightseeing in Pécs. Pécs showed its beauty with warm and sunny weather. After some hours in Pécs we again entered the bus and headed back to Budapest were we had a short summary of the trip in Ocean Bar & Grill.

All in all an exciting and adventures tour that we will try do again next year.

Happy Vikings waiting for the bus

Preparing for wine tasting

The sweds enjoy

Zsolt Tiffan explaining the wines

The audience


Good wine


The locker fence


The farewell